Bed Sheets Used in 5-star Hotels and Luxury Hotels

Bed Sheets Used in 5-star Hotels and Luxury Hotels

Every time we visit a 5-star hotel, we get the best sleep of our lives. A 5-star experience is one of luxury, comfort and elegance. One of the most important elements that contribute significantly to this luxury is the choice of 5-star hotel-style sheets. As simple as it may seem, these hotel bed sheets play a very important role in providing guests with a restful and relaxing experience during their stay. In this blog, we will go through what makes a great 5-star hotel bedding. We will get to know about their material, weave types, thread counts and more that can help you get the heavenly slumber.

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Materials of Bed Sheets used in 5-star Hotels  

While today’s world is filled with varieties of bed sheet materials, 5-star hotels have stuck to the basics. Most 5-star hotels use premium 100% cotton bed sheets. 

The cotton used in these luxurious bed sheets is long staple cotton which means the fibers are longer, stronger and more uniform. It is also important to note that there is no mixing of inferior fibres or synthetic fibres into this cotton yarn making it premium choice. 

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Thread Count of a 5-Star Bed Sheet Hotel

5-star hotel bed sheets typically have a thread count between 400-500 TC. Thread count refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch of fabric. In some cases, brands may try to inflate the thread count artificially by using multi-ply results to reduce the cost of the bed sheets but this results in sheets of inferior quality that are less breathable and heavier fabric. 5-star hotels prioritise a single-ply yarn that maximises comfort without compromising on breathability.

Weave Types

The most common weave types found in luxury hotel bedding are sateen and percale. Percale offers a crisp, matte finish, ideal for warm weather due to its breathability. On the other hand, sateen has a lustrous sheen and silky feel to it. It is perfect for both warm and cooler climates. Hotels often rotate these weaved seasonally to ensure guests’ comfort no matter the time of the year. 

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Whites and Beyond

While hotel quality bedding has become very synonymous with luxury hotels. Clean, white hotel linen is a symbol of cleanliness and hygiene, as it reflects a sense of elegance and purity. Crisp, white linens evoke a feeling of freshness and cleanliness. They invite guests to indulge in a serene sleep. 

How do 5-star hotels layer their bedding? 

Five-star hotels often use layering techniques to ensure luxurious bedding. It typically starts with a fitted bed sheet, snugly securing the mattress. A flat bed sheet then follows, neatly tucked for a crisp look, then comes a plush duvet or comforter encased in a soft cover. Hotels often top this with the decorative folded bed sheet, known as top sheet or coverlet, adding an extra layer of warmth and beauty.

Pillows play a very important role in layering the bedding. A mix a different sizes and firmness of pillows provide accents, while bolster pillows accentuate the foot of the bed. The final touch involved precision in smoothing out wrinkles and ensuring a pristine appearance that allows guests to sink into cocoon of comfort. This layering not only visual appeal but also aims for maximum comfort, encouraging a restful night’s sleep, a hallmark of the hospitality experience at top-tier establishments.   

Expert Care

Expert care is the unsaid secret behind the longevity of bed sheets. Beyond the choice of material and weave. 5-star hotels understand that proper care is very important to maintain the best condition of their bed sheets. They employ a meticulous laundering process. They also use high-quality detergents and recommend carefully regulated water temperatures. Hotel staff may also utilise fabric softeners and ironing to ensure a wrinkle-free and inviting appearance. 

Environmental Considerations

As sustainability gains momentum, 5-star hotels are incredibly choosing eco-friendly practices. They source organic and Fair Trade-certified materials to implement water and energy-saving laundry practices. Luxury hotels try to reduce their ecological footprint while maintaining the utmost comfort and luxury for their guests. 

The world of 5-star bed sheets is a detail to the dedication and attention of hotels. They put effort into providing an unforgettable experience to their guests. From carefully selected materials to thoughtful weave choices, every aspect is meticulously chosen to create a haven of comfort and indulgence. 


1. What kind of sheets do they use in 5-star hotels?

In 5-star hotels, high-quality, luxurious sheets made from 100% cotton percale or sateen sheets in higher thread counts in the range of 300 TC to 400 TC are used. 

2. What kind of bedding is used in luxury hotels?

Luxury hotels often use premium bedding, including high-quality bedding layers like fitted bed sheets, flat sheets, duvets, push pillows and top-notch mattress toppers, to ensure a comfortable stay for their guests. The bedding in luxury hotels is made of 100% cotton in high thread counts in either percale or sateen. 

3.What thread count is used in hotels?

Thread count in hotels varies. It is commonly used in the range of 300 to 400 TC. Remember, a higher thread count does not always guarantee better quality as brands sometimes inflate the thread count by mixing fibres. Factors like fabric material, count of the yarn and weave play an important role in the sheet’s durability. Look for single-ply long-staple cotton bed sheets in percale or sateen weave for that premium hotel feel. 

4. Can I buy sheets like those used in hotels?

Yes! Many companies like Belong sell bed sheets specifically designed to mimic the hotel experience. Look for bed sheets made from cotton or sateen with high thread counts. 

5. Besides material, what else contributes to the luxurious feel of hotel sheets?

  • Freshness: Hotels sheets provide a crisp and clean feel.
  • Fitted Sheet Depth: Many hotels use deep-pocket fitted sheets to accommodate thicker mattresses.
  • Multiple Layers: Some hotels layer a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and duvet cover for a plush feel and provide multiple layers of comfort. 

Written by Shivangi Singh 

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