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Smooth with a soft silky shine. Made with 300 thread count organic cotton and woven into a smooth sateen weave for cool lux comfort!

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BELONG was built to bring minimal, beautiful and high-quality home goods like premium bedding and luxury rugs to your homes because your home deserves only The BEST.

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Meet Soft Furry Fluffy Rugs

A luxurious addition to any living space, these floor rugs feature a deep pile that is incredibly soft and comfortable to walk or lay on, adding a cozy and inviting ambiance to your home. These soft rugs made of premium wool are so plush that they are a global favorite.

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Handmade Moroccan Rugs

Handknotted rugs made using traditional Moroccan weaving techniques. These rugs are heirloom pieces made for durability and long-life. Made with pristine New-Zealand Wool, our Moroccan rugs have a long pile height and are readily available in large sizes.

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Plain Rugs with Gradient

As simple as these look, solid rugs with gradient effect require careful yarn dyeing and weaving to give it a uniform color variation. Ombre carpets feature a beautiful gradient effect, blending colors seamlessly, creating a stunning visual appeal. Shop these beauties in grey, pink, orange colors

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