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Looking to enhance your home decor with a touch of natural elegance? Discover the allure of jute rugs online through Belong. Our jute rugs are crafted from sustainable and eco-friendly jute fibres. These rugs bring a rustic charm and versatility to any space. 

You can place them in your living room, bedroom or even your hallway. Jute carpets add warmth and style while promoting a healthier and greener lifestyle. Embrace the blend of simplicity and sophistication as you browse a wide selection of our jute rugs online. They will transform your living space with eco-conscious choices. 

Explore Different Jute Carpets Designs 

Explore and discover diverse jute carpet designs, blending eco-friendly appeal with artistic elegance for a refreshing home environment. 

Modern Jute Rugs

Modern rugs effortlessly fuse eco-consciousness with modern and contemporary styles. These rugs are crafted from natural jute fibres. Jute carpets show their sustainable charm while adding texture and warmth to any room. A wide range of colour options, patterns, and jute carpets complement various aesthetics, from minimalist to bohemian. 

Their versatility allows them to mix seamlessly with existing decor or become a standout statement piece. Jute rugs are to clean and maintain. They are a practical choice for busy and high-foot-traffic households. You can elevate your home with a modern jute rug, embarking on sustainability and sophistication at every step. 

Traditional Jute Rugs 

Traditional jute rugs exude timeless beauty and cultural significance, capturing the essence of heritage and craftsmanship. 

Traditional jute rugs are made from natural fibres. These carpets show intricate weaving techniques that have been passed down through generations. Their earthy tones and classic patterns evoke a sense of rustic charm. They make them perfect for traditional and best for vintage-inspired spaces. It can be placed in the living room, dining room or the entryway. 

Embrace the rich history and eco-friendly qualities of traditional jute rugs. Because they bring a sense of nostalgia and earthiness to your living space. 

Explore Different Types of Jute Rugs 

Explore the world of jute rugs with us, where nature’s finest fibres meet the best creativity and craftsmanship. In this section, we will explore an array of jute rugs, from modern ones to time classics. Each one of them will boast specific characteristics that showcase their charm and sustainability in your living spaces. Let’s get to know the diversity of jute rugs. 

Hand-Knotted Rugs 

Hand-knotted jute rugs epitomise the epitome of artistry and dedication. Skilled artisans craft every rug by hand. They intertwine natural jute fibres to create intricate patterns and textures. And the result is a stunning and durable jute carpet, that will stand the wear and tear while showcasing its elegance. 

Hand knotted carpets offer a one-of-a-kind masterpiece for your home. They combine eco-friendliness with craftsmanship. From traditional motifs to contemporary designs, jute rugs elevate any space with their unique character and artisanal charm. It makes them a cherished and beautiful addition to any space and decor. 

Hand-Loom Rugs 

Hand-loom jute rugs are created by weavers on traditional looms. These rugs exude rustic charm, offering a touch of eco-consciousness to your space. The hand-loom process works best in creating plain, geometric and simpler designs that are versatile and flexible to be used in different types of decor. 

Sustainable and durable, hand-loomed jute rugs are not only aesthetically stunning but are also a practical choice for high-traffic areas. Elevate your space with the timeless elegance and craftsmanship of hand-loomed jute carpets.  

 Flat Weave Rugs 

Flat weave jute rugs offer both simplicity and versatility. They are woven on a loom with no pile, these rugs offer lightweight and low-profile design. This makes them perfect for high-traffic areas or underneath furniture as well. These carpets have a flat texture that showcases the natural beauty of jute fibres, adding a touch of organic elegance to any room. 

With a wide range of colours and patterns, flat weave rugs effortlessly complement various decor styles from bohemian to contemporary. Flat weave carpets are easy to maintain and are also an eco-friendly choice. These carpets are an ideal choice for those seeking both functionality and aesthetics in their home decor. 

How To Choose The Best Quality Jute Rugs? 

When choosing the best quality jute rugs, consider several key factors to ensure a perfect match for your place. Firstly, choose a jute rug made from 100% natural jute fibres. Ensure sustainability and durability. Look for tight and even weaving, indicating superior craftsmanship and longevity. 

Check for a high-density construction for added resilience. Pay attention to the rug’s thickness. Because thicker jute rugs tend to be more durable. Seek out reputable product brands like us to get your hands on premium rugs

Lastly, go through customer reviews and ratings to know customer insights. By considering these aspects, you can confidently select a premium jute rug. It will combine both beauty and functionality for your space. 

Where To Place Jute Rugs?

Jute rugs offer incredible versatility and can be placed in different areas of your home. They enhance the ambience and add a touch of eco-friendly charm. 

Living Room

Jute rugs are an excellent choice for the living room. They create a warm and inviting atmosphere. You can place a jute rug under the coffee table or in the seating area to define the space and add texture to your floor. Jute carpets have earthy tones that blend seamlessly with various decor styles, complementing both modern and traditional settings. 

Bed Room 

Jute rugs bring comfort and style to the bedroom while being placed under the bed. The soft texture of the rug provides a cosy feel when you step out of bed. It makes your morning pleasant and your nights relaxed. The neutral colours of jute rugs create a soothing environment, promoting relaxation.


Although less common, jute rugs can still be a great addition to the kitchen. Place a smaller jute rug in front of the sink or island to provide a soft landing for your feet while doing kitchen chores. Make sure to choose a rug with a sturdy backing or pair it with a non-slip rug pad to prevent slipping in a high-foot traffic area. 


Jute carpets can also be placed in a nursery. They offer natural and non-toxic options for your child’s room. Jute rugs are not only aesthetic looking but they are also soft and durable. This makes them an ideal floor-covering option for a nursery room or a comfortable play area. Choose a colourful jute rug with different patterns to add a touch of colour and warmth to the room.

FAQs related to Jute Rugs

1. Are jute rugs good?

Jute rugs are good. They offer eco-friendly and natural appeal along with texture for any space. They are durable, versatile and a sustainable choice for your place. 

2. How to clean a jute rug?

To clean a jute rug, vacuum regularly to remove dirt and debris. For spills, blot the jute rug with a dry cloth immediately. Avoid excessive moisture or steam cleaning because jute is sensitive to water. 

3. Is jute a good material for a rug?

Yes, jute is a very good material for a rug. As it has natural strength, biodegradable properties and is durable. It also adds a rustic and vintage charm to the decor and is one of the best eco-friendly options out there. 

4. What are the pros and cons of jute rugs?

The pros of jute rugs are that they are eco-friendly and sustainable. They add texture and warmth to any space. Whereas the cons of jute rugs is that they are sensitive to water and moisture. This makes them not an ideal option for high-humidity areas. They are also prone to fading if placed under direct sunlight.

5. Are jute rugs washable?

No, jute rugs are generally not washable in a machine as they are water sensitive. You can clean the spots immediately with a cloth but professional cleaning is considered ideal for cleaning jute rugs.

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