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Bohemian rugs are a captivating mixture of bright colours and intricate patterns. They are free-spirited designs that add an enchanting touch to any space. In this section we will get to know the diverse universe of boho rugs. Additionally we will also provide some tips on how to choose the perfect bohemian rug for your home. Discover bohemian carpets and find the ideal spots to place them and enhance the beauty of your home. 

What does bohemian or boho rug mean?

A bohemian or boho rug means a style of rug that embodies the free-spirited and essence of bohemian aesthetics. Inspired by the bohemian lifestyle, which celebrated creativity, individuality and nomadic spirit, these boho carpets are a delightful fusion of diverse patterns, vivid colours and cultural influences. 

Boho rugs typically feature intricate designs, often drawing inspiration from various cultures such as Turkish, Moroccan, Native American and Indian. These bohemian carpets can display geometric patterns, tribal symbols, floral motifs or combinations of all these. What stands them apart from others is their unconventional approach, combining unexpected colours and bold contrasts to create a visually stimulating and harmonious composition. 

The materials used for boho rugs vary widely, ranging from natural fibres like wool, cotton, or jute to synthetic materials. The use of sustainable and eco- friendly materials aligns with the Bohemian ethos. It often embraces a conscious and nature-oriented lifestyle. 

Boho rugs are versatile and can complement a wide range of interior styles. These carpets inject a different and vibrant character to any environment. You can place them at different spots in your home and see how the space gets lifted up. 

Buy Bohemian Rugs Online in India 

Discover a captivating collection of boho rugs that effortlessly blend artistry and comfort. At Belong, curate a handpicked selection of bohemian rugs that add a touch of wanderlust and creativity to your living space. Each rug is carefully crafted using premium materials and boasts intricate designs, celebrating the boho spirit. Whether you want to have a vibrant centrepiece of a subtle accent. Our bohemian carpets cater to all the choices and interior styles. You can easily transform your home into a haven of artistic expression with Belong boho rugs. 

Explore Various Styles of Boho Rugs and Carpets

Boho rugs and carpets come in a wide variety of styles. Each style exudes its unique charm and character. These captivating floor coverings capture the essence of bohemian aesthetics, making them a very popular choice for those seeking to have their spaces filled with artistic expression and carefree vibe. Now let's get to know different styles of boho rugs and carpets. 

Moroccan Rugs

Influenced by the rich culture of North Africa, Moroccan rugs feature bold geometric patterns and a mixture of bright colours. They often show intricate designs like triangles, zigzag's, and diamonds creating a striking visual impact. 

Turkish Rugs

With a history spanning centuries, Turkish rugs boast exquisite craftsmanship and intricate details. They typically mix floral motifs, medallion patterns and a captivating blend or warm and earthy tones. 

Kilim Rugs

Kilim rugs originate from different places like Iran, Turkey and Central Asia. Kilim rugs are flat woven and lightweight. They show tribal designs and a plethora of lively hues. Kilim rugs reflect the nomadic heritage of the weavers. 

Indian Dhurries

Indian Dhurries are handwoven rugs from India often featuring vibrant colours and eye-catching patterns. Dhurries are reversible and are made using cotton or wool, making them a practical choice and they are stylish as well. 

Shaggy or Tasselled Rugs

These carpets have a very luxurious, textured feel with long, shaggy piles. They offer a cosy and inviting atmosphere to any space. 

How to Choose the Right Bohemian Rug For Your Home? 

Selecting the perfect bohemian carpet for your home involves considering various factors to ensure it harmoniously complements your space and reflects your unique style. Here are some important tips to guide you in choosing the right boho carpets: 

Consider Your Space 

Assess the size and layout of the room where the rug will be placed. Measure the area to determine the right rug size, ensuring it doesn't overpower. 

Embrace Colours and Patterns 

Boho rugs are known for their vibrant colours and captivating patterns. Choose a carpet that complements your existing decor while adding a pop of colour and personality. 


Decide on the material based on your lifestyle and usage. Natural fibres like cotton and wool rugs are eco friendly, durable, while synthetics offer easy maintenance.

Balance Textures

Consider the textured rug concerning other elements in the room. If your furniture and decor is very smooth and sleek, choose a tasselled or shaggy rug to add warmth and texture. 

Express yourself 

Let the rug be an expression of your personality. Bohemian rugs often feature eclectic designs, so choose one that resonates with your sense of artistry and adventure. 

Quality and Craftsmanship 

Invest in a high-quality rug with excellent craftsmanship to ensure it stands the test of time and foot traffic. 

Mix and Match 

Don't be afraid to mix and match different rug styles and patterns to create a boho-chic collage in your room. 

Where to place a boho rug?

Placing a boho rug strategically can instantly transform the ambiance of your living space, adding a touch of artistic flair and boho charm. Here are some idea locations to showcase a boho carpets: 

Living Room

The living room is an excellent spot to feature a boho rug. Because it services as the central gathering area in most homes. Place the rug under the coffee table or in front of your sofa or any other seating arrangement to anchor the space and create a cosy environment. 


Enhance the bohemian vibe of your bedroom by placing a boho rug under your bed. You can place the boho carpet at sides on the bed or add one big boho carpet and cover the whole bed. 

Dining Area 

You can add a boho carpet beneath the dining table to infuse your dining area with colour and personality. This not only protects the floors but also sets a relaxed and creative tone. 


Make a bold statement right from the entrance of your home by placing a boho rug in your entryway. It's a perfect way to welcome guests with a burst of vibrant colours and patterns.

FAQs related to Bohemian Rugs

1. What is boho style decor?

Boho style is an eclectic and free-spirited design. Boho decor consists of vibrant colours, global patterns and natural elements. It portrays free spirit and bohemian charm. 

2. How do I choose a boho rug? 

Choosing a boho rug is all about reflecting your unique style and personality. Choose colours, textures and patterns that portray your personality. Look for a rug that matches your decor. 

3. How do you clean boho rugs?

To clean your cherished boho rug, start by gently shaking off loose debris outdoors. Clean stains with a mixture of water and detergent. Get it professionally cleaned in time intervals. Treat it with care! 

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