Collection: Fitted Bedsheets

Thoughtfully designed with deep pockets, strong all round elastic and long & short side tags, Belong fitted sheets made of organic cotton meet any mattress size. Wrap your mattress in snug perfection!

Thoughtfully designed with deep pockets, strong all round elastic and long & short side tags, Belong fitted sheets made of organic cotton meet any mattress size. Wrap your mattress in snug perfection!

More about Fitted Bedsheets

Fitted bed sheets are an important component for a comfortable, pleasing and mess-free bedding space. Unlike flat sheets, these bed sheets are specifically curated to snugly fit over your mattresses. They ensure a smooth and secure surface for a restful night’s sleep. These ease-to-use bed sheets are tailored with elastic edges to effortlessly contour and cover the mattress, preventing slippage during usage. 

These bed sheets offer more than just a functional purpose; they also contribute significantly to the visual appeal of a bedroom. They are available in different colours, patterns and textures to match your whole bedroom decor and allow you to infuse your personal touch into your sleeping space. Whether aiming for a minimalistic, classic, or vibrant aesthetic, these versatile bed sheets serve as a canvas to complement and enhance the overall decor scheme, elevating the ambience of the room. Their snug fit and diverse design options make them an essential element for both comfort and style, transforming a simple bed into a cosy haven that reflects your style.  

Belong makes it's fitted sheets with long staple organic cotton. We have thoughfully designs the sheets keeping the needs of our customers in mind. Belong fitted sheets are made to fit most commonly available mattress and have deep pockets compared to other sheets. Our king and queen size fitted sheets have a generous 13 inch pocket depth and our single and double size fitted sheets have a 10 inch pocket depth ensuring that your sheets stay fitted on the mattress and dont slip out. 

Why are fitted bed sheets a good choice? 

Here are some reasons which prove why fitted bed sheets are a good choice for your bedding ensemble: 

Perfect fit:

The elastic edges of fitted bed sheets are designed to adhere snugly to the mattress, eliminating excess fabric and wrinkles. This tailored fit not only elevates the aesthetics of the bed but also prevents the sheet from shifting or bouncing.

This tailored fit of fitted bed sheets not only elevates the aesthetics of the bedding but also prevents the sheet from shifting or bouncing up during sleep, ensuring a smooth, streamlined appearance that enhances the overall ambience of the bedroom. 

Ease of Use

Fitted bed sheets simplify the task of bed-making. Unlike traditional flat sheets that require meticulous tucking and adjusting, these bed sheets effortlessly slip over the corners of the mattress, streamlining the process and saving valuable time and effort. This user-friendly design not only facilitates a quicker bed-making routine but also maintains a consistently tidy and well-presented bed, contributing to an organized and inviting bedroom space. 

Enhanced Comfort

Beyond their aesthetic advantages, the tailored fit of fitted bed sheets directly impacts the sleeping experience. By securely contouring to the mattress, these sheets create a smooth and secure surface that remains intact throughout the night. This stability prevents the sheet from shifting, ensuring an uninterrupted and comfortable sleep by eliminating the need for constant readjustment or untangling of the bedding.  

Diverse Materials 

Fitted bed sheets come in a wide variety of materials, catering to varied preferences and individual comfort needs. The selection ranges from breathable and crisp cotton options. They are ideal for those seeking a cool and airy sleep space, luxurious soft microfiber vibrant, preferred for individuals desiring a plush and cosy feel. This diversity in materials ensures that users select a fitted sheet that aligns with their specific lifestyle requirements and desired comfort level, enhancing the personalized experience. 

Benefits of Fitted Bed Sheets


Here are very simple and fun benefits of fitted bed sheets. Let's Jazz up the benefits a bit. 

Stay Put Magic

Fitted bed sheets are the bed’s secret agents, stealthily clinging to the mattress like undercover heroes, promising a night of uninterrupted sleep. They are saying “Not today, unruly sheet corners”. Their ability to stay in place ensures a peaceful sleep without any waking up. Whether you are a light sleeper or an acrobatic snooze, fitted bed sheets promise a secure, uninterrupted covering. They are truly the best sleeping partners. 

Easy Peasing Making

Picture this: you gracefully slide on a fitted bed sheet with the finesse of a pro, compared to the chaotic wrestling match that is trying to tame a flat sheet. Fitted linens are the bed-making saviors cutting down your choice time so you can focus on more exciting things like breakfast in bed! 

Unlike flat bed sheets that need precise tucking and folding, fitted sheets simplify the bed-making process, offering a hassle-free way to create a tidy and inviting sleeping space. Say goodbye to struggling with misaligned sheets or constantly readjusting the sheet-fitted bed sheets to streamline the bed-making routine. You can get more time to enjoy the comfort of your freshly made bed. 

Tailored Comfort

Ever dreamed of sleeping on a cloud? Fitted bed sheets make that dream a reality by offering a smooth, wrinkle-free surface for you to sink into. No more accidental origami creations beneath you - just pure cosiness. 

The snugness of the fitted bed sheets creates a seamless and inviting bedscape, enhancing your comfort levels and contributing to a more peaceful and undisturbed sleep. The neat and uniform appearance not only feels fantastic but also adds a touch of hotel-like luxury to your bedroom, elevating your sleep experience. 

Style and Variety

Fitted bed sheets are the fashionistas of the bedroom world! With fitted bed sheets, you can easily switch up your bed’s look faster than you can say “interior design overhaul”. From vibrant colors to whimsical patterns, there is a fitted sheet to match every mood and decor scheme. 

From vibrant hues to calming neutrals, there is a fitted sheet to suit every mood and interior style. Embrace creativity by mixing and matching fitted linens with different pillows or duvet covers, easily revamping the ambience of your sleeping without investing in a complete bedroom makeover. 

Maintenance Tips for Fitted Bed Sheets

Now comes the part where you have to take care of the fitted sheets. Here are some basic maintenance tips for fitted bed sheets: 

  1. Regular Washing: To maintain freshness, it's advisable to launder fitted sheets regularly following the manufacturer’s care instructions, usually using warm water and mild detergent. 

  2. Avoid Overloading the Machine: Laundering in smaller batches or separately prevents tangling and ensures a thorough cleaning process without causing undue stress on the fabric.

  3. Gentle Drying: Opt for a low or medium heat setting when tumble drying to prevent damage to the elastic edges of the bed sheets and preserve the sheet’s shape and elasticity.  

  4. Rotate Usage: Periodically rotating between multiple fitted sheets extends their lifespan by reducing frequent washing and wear. 

  5. Mindful Handling: Avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach that can damage the fabric. Additionally, handle zippers or rough textures cautiously to prevent snags or tears. 

At last 

In conclusion, fitted bed sheets serve as an important part of creating a comfortable, well-preserved bedding ensemble. Their tailored design not only adds an aesthetic appeal but also contributes to ease of use and enhanced comfort during sleep. By following proper care and maintenance practices, these bed sheets can uphold their quality, ensuring prolonged durability and continued satisfaction for users seeking both style and functionality in their bedding choices.