15+ Easy Diwali Decoration Ideas for Home

15+ Easy Diwali Decoration Ideas for Home

Get ready to light up your home with the magic of Diwali! The festival of lights is just around the corner, and it's time to deck the halls ( or should we say, the living room ) with some dazzling decor that will leave your guests in awe.

Diwali, also known as the Festival of Diyas, is a celebration of light triumphing over darkness. And what better way to honour this tradition than by adorning your home with an array of creative and eye-catching Diwali decoration ideas?

In this blog, we are going to take you on a journey through 15+ easy Decoration ideas for Diwali that will transform your home into a sparkling haven of festive joy. From radiant rangoli designs that will greet your guests at the doorstep to mesmerising candlelit centrepieces that will set the mood for the evening, our ideas are as diverse as they are delightful.

So, grab your glitter, gather your family, and let's embark on a Diwali decor idea like no other. It's time to make your home shine brighter than the Diwali fireworks, and we promise, it's going to be a whole lot of fun!

15+ Unique Diwali Decor Ideas

Welcome to the most dazzling parts of the Valley decor extravaganza! If you thought we were done with creative ideas, then think again. Get ready to dive into a world of whimsy and wonder as we explore 15+ Diwali home decoration ideas and dazzle your home for the festival of lights.

Just when you thought your home couldn’t get any more festive, we came up with more ideas. Shadowy secrets that add an element of mystique and magic that will leave you spellbound. Our newest additions to easy Diwali decoration ideas will have your guests saying, “Wow how did you think of that?”

Are you ready to turn your home into a Diwali wonderland? We have everything from DIY projects that will make your heart sing and leave you feeling like royalty. And don’t forget about our scented surprises and cosy rugs because who said Diwali can’t be both fabulous and comfy?

So grab your DIY toolkit dust off those question covers and prepare to be inspired. These creative simple Diwali decoration ideas will have you celebrating Diwali in style. Let's dive in and make this festival. The most unforgettable one.

1. Fairy Light Drapes

Fairy lights outside the home to make it feel more festive

Create a mesmerising atmosphere by hanging delicate fairy lights in artistic patterns on your walls or ceilings. These tiny lights can mimic the twinkle of nighttime, evoking the feeling of stars, or even on intricate designs like lotus motifs. The warm, gentle glow, they emit will infuse your home with enchantment

2. Rangoli Wall Art

Take the traditional arts or somebody from your home floors to your boards. Use stencils and white paint to transform your walls into a canvas of colourful rangoli-inspired wall art. This temporary decor option not only adds a burst of vibrancy but also pays me to cherish Indian tradition.

3. Eco-friendly Diyas

A clay diya

Choose eco-conscious clay Diya’s, handcrafted by skilled artisans and adorn them with painted intricate designs. As you arrange these diya’s in clusters on tables and all windowsills, the soft glow of the flame will not only illuminate your space but also symbolise the triumph of light over darkness, which is the heart of Diwali’s significance.

4. Floral Torans

Welcome your guests with a fragrant and visually stunning entryway by hanging beautiful floral, Torans or door handles. Created from the fresh Marigold Jasmine for other fragment flowers, these torans not only symbolise prosperity but also create a delightful olfactory experience that sets the mood for celebration. These Diwali decoration ideas with flowers are evergreen and one of the best additions.

5. Mason Jar Lanterns

A mason jar with fairy lights inside

Upcycle your Mason jars into charming lanterns that radiate the essence of the valley. Paint them with Diwalii motives and then place lights inside. These lanterns will cast a warm and cosy glow, adding a touch of nostalgia and charm to your Diwali home decor.

6. Floating Candles

Diwali decor with an elegant centrepiece. Will be a decorative bowl with water-floating candles and flower petals. This arrangement is not only a touch of sophistication but also creates a soothing and reflective ambience. The dancing flames on the water's surface will mesmerise your guests and set the perfect tone for festivities.

7. Paper Lanterns

A medium paper lantern makes everything look so bright and festive

Inject a playful and festive spirit into your Diwali decor by handing colourful paper lanterns in various sizes around your home. These lanterns inspired by traditional Indian designs, cast a soft light that uses your space with a warm and welcoming vibe. The interplay of colours and patterns adds a delightful touch.

8. Vintage Brass Decor

Infuse your space with a sense of timeless elegance and tradition by using antique brass items in your account. Whether it’s brass lamps, figurines, or plates, these vintage treasures not only tell stories about the past, but I’m also very beautiful and love and bring a touch of vintage charm to the Diwali setting. They add a sense of intricate detail, making them conversation starters.

9. Drapery with Sheer Fabrics

A curtain with golden accents making it look luxurious

You can elevate your interior decor by changing your curtains to see your fabrics for golden or silver accents. These draperies or curtains, create a lavish and festive look, allowing natural light to filter through while adding a touch of opulence to your living spaces. The metallic accents catch and reflect light further enhancing the celebratory atmosphere.

10. Candle Lit Pathway

Guests to your doorstep in style by aligning your walk away with candles or diya’s, please in decorative containers. This pathway not only eliminates the need away but also sets in an inviting atmosphere for your Diwali celebration. The soft, flickering lights create a magical and memorable entry experience.

11. Diwali-inspired Rug

Red and golden rug in the drawing room adding a touch of festivities

Elevate your flooring by investing in rugs that captivate Diwali-inspired patterns and colours. BELONG’s collection of Shag Rugs, Ombre Rugs and more are perfect for Diwali decoration ideas for the living room. They can serve and have striking statement pieces in your living room and dining area. Choose designs that incorporate your decor and overall Diwali vibes. These rugs have cultural richness, warmth and style.

12. Potted Plant Decor

Two potted plants kept on a table adding the green touch to the space

Good buying nature with the festive spirit of Diwali. You can adorn these plants by adding fairy lights or Diwali theme ribbons to create an enchanting atmosphere. Green not only symbolises growth and prosperity but also adds a refreshing and natural element to your festive decor.

13. Golden Accents

Infuse your home with opulence by incorporating some golden accents in the decor. Think golden cushions, table runners or curtains that shimmer with lights. Golden elements add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your space, creating a sense of grandeur that perfectly complements the festival.

14. Themed Wall

You can very quickly transform your walls into Diwali wonders with these removable wall decals with Diwali motifs. These decals instantly infuse your space with festive cheer and a cultural atmosphere. Choose from different designs such as rangoli, patterns, festive, greetings, flower arrangements, and more. It’s a hassle-free way to embrace the spirit of Diwali with your decor.

15. Hand-painted Tableware

Experience a touch of artistry by creating hand-painted Diwali theme designs on tableware. Use ceramic paint or markers to draw on top and even serve platters with patterns like lotus flowers and peacocks. These personalised pieces not only make your dining table, a canvas of creativity. It also adds a special homemade charm to your festive meals.

16. DIY Candle Holders

Give your candles a unique and personal touch, by creating your candle holder. Repurpose old glass bottles, mason jars, or even hollowed-out fruits, like pumpkins or coconuts, to craft a one-of-a-kind holder. Decorate them with Diwali motives. You can also use glitter and paint to make it more attractive. These candleholders not only add a rustic element to your decor but also create a different mood.

17. Shadow Lamps

You can step up your lighting in my place and cut out patterns of Diwali-themed designs on lamps throughout your home. These patterns inspired by the festival’s motives like a mandala, peacock, lotus, diya and more will create stunning shadow art on your wall. To achieve unique effects, consider using stencils and templates as well. They will create a mystical and a very unique environment.

18. DIY Marquee Letters

Make a bold statement with oversized marquee letters that spell out “DIWALI” or the family name. Craft these using materials like wood, foam board or cardboard. And after that use the lights to adorn it. These become a stunning focal point whether placed on a mantle in the entryway or as a backdrop for your Diwali celebration.

19. Mirror Work Decor

A vintage mirror in the living room adds a touch of sophistication

Immerse yourself in the opulence of Indian craftsmanship by incorporating mirrors in your Diwali home decor. These mirrors framed with patterns and reflective pieces, serve not only as decor but also reflect light in unique ways. They add a touch of gold glamour, creating a mesmerising play of sparkle. By placing these mirrors strategically, you can amplify the festive atmosphere.

20. Scented Pot

A pot with dried flowers

Engage the senses in your Diwali celebration by crafting your pot using a blend of dried flowers and aromatic spices like cloves and cardamom. Mix pieces, and fragrant elements in decorative bowls and place them around your house. We will release a delightful and soothing aroma in every corner.

So, these are our Diwali decor ideas for this festive season. From the glow of fairy lights that create a mesmerising vibe to the rangoli-inspired wall art that celebrates heritage, each idea will add a touch of uniqueness to your decor. In the spirit of Diwali, give everything your own personal touch with hand-painted tableware, DIY candle holders and letters.

As you embark on this festive journey, we wish the twinkling lights and vibrant colours infuse your home with warmth, laughter and love. Here is to celebrate the festival of lights in style and celebrate memories that will glow in your hearts forever.

FAQs related to Diwali Decoration Ideas for Home

1. How to decorate a house from outside on Diwali?

To decorate a house from outside, you can hang strings of decorated lights and lanterns on the roof and along the edges of the walls. Choose fairy lights that twinkle in varying patterns. You can draw Rangoli patterns made from coloured powders of flowers. Traditional Torans or door hangings made from Marigold or Mango leaves can also be placed on the front door. And don’t forget to add diyas to your door entrance to create the welcoming feeling for your guests.

2. How to arrange Diwali lights at home?

Arranging Diwali lights at home involves using a combination of fairy lights, diyas and candles. Hang fairy lights along walls, ceilings and outdoor areas. Hang fairy lights, diyas and candles on window sills, balconies and in decorative containers for a warm ambience.

3. What is a traditional way to decorate your home for Diwali?

The traditional way to decorate your home for Diwali includes using items like diyas, colourful rangoli patterns, torans made of marigolds, flowers, brass or clay figurines of the deities and colourful draperies. Lighting oil lamps or diyas is central to Diwali tradition as it signifies the triumph of light over darkness. Traditional way of celebrating Diwali is incomplete without yummy sweet and savoury snacks.

4. How to decorate a simple Diwali at home?

You can create a simple yet pleasing diwali decor with a basic lantern on your window, a few diyas at your entrance along with a simple rice flour rangoli.

5. What flowers are used for Diwali decorations?

Gold and Jasmine flowers are commonly used for Diwali decorations due to their vibrant colours and pleasant fragrance. Flowers are often used to create garlands and rangoli designs. Additionally, rose petals, lotus flowers and chrysanthemums are also popular for adding colour and beauty.

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