12 Tips for Moroccan Rugs Care & Cleaning

12 Tips for Moroccan Rugs Care & Cleaning

If you're looking for ways to take care of Moroccan rugs then we have got you covered. Moroccan rugs are made with care and that’s why they require extra attention. From vacuuming to cleaning, there are multiple simple ways in which you can clean and preserve your rugs. In this blog, we have combined the best tips and techniques for you. Now you can protect your shaggy moroccan rugs from daily wear and tear. Read all the tips and clean your rugs from time to time. Remember a little care goes all a long way in maintaining a Moroccan carpet's health.

Get Started with Moroccan Rug Care

Moroccan rugs are renowned for their exquisite craftsmanship and designs. These hand knotted rugs are timeless symbols of Moroccan culture. Whether you're a proud owner of these rugs or are contemplating buying these floor decorators, it is crucial to understand how to properly take care of and maintain them. As rugs go through the push and pull of daily life, they tend to get dull. But Belong is here to provide you with all the expert tips and tricks to ensure your Moroccan style rug’s beauty and durability stays intact.

Moroccan Style rugs have their origins deeply rooted in the rich culture and heritage of Moroccan craftsmanship. They have now become a part of homes all around the world. Each rug is the epitome of the skill and artistry of the Berber and Arab tribes, who tenaciously weave every little detail with their hands. These rugs are not only known for their warmth but they add character to any room and serve as a cultural artefact. Moroccan rug care is essential as it not only helps maintain its durability but also preserves a heritage or Moroccan style craftsmanship. 

A premium Moroccan rug showcasing a captivating stripe pattern in white and black colours. This exquisite, comfy and extra-soft Moroccan carpet adds elegance and style to any space.


Maintaining the beauty and durability of your Moroccan shag rugs begins with a solid foundation of cleaning regularly. Like any other artefact, Moroccan rugs also require attention and care. It helps in preserving their colour, quality, warmth and patterns. By following a few simple steps, you can ensure that your beautiful rug remains a captivating point of your space. 

Keep on reading as we dive deeper and know the best ways to take care of your Moroccan rugs. In this blog, we will uncover the hidden secrets and expert tips to save your timeless rug and preserve it. So, let us start on this interesting topic and unlock the top secrets to caring for and preserving your Moroccan rugs. Let’s clean and secure the magic that lies beneath your feet! 

12 Tips for Moroccan Rugs Care

If you want your Moroccan rugs to remain a timeless treasure, then take a look at all the tips mentioned below. 

1. Remove the dirt

Moroccan rugs mostly have thick piles which makes them prone to accumulating dust and debris. But don’t worry about this as we move towards the best steps to take care of your rug. Pick up your Moroccan carpet and take it outdoors. In an open area, gently shake it and dislodge any loose dirt or dust particles that might have settled deep within the fibres of the rug. It will not only give a body roll feel to your rug but also get you moving!

2. Vacuum

You must have thought that can you vacuum a Moroccan rug? Yes, Vacuuming your rug is an essential part of cleaning and care. It ensures deep cleaning of rugs. Vacuum tends to create pressure and sucks in all the dirt accumulated deep within the threads and fibres. However, make sure to use a brushless vacuum cleaner or one with adjustable brush settings. Excessive brushing can damage the delicate fibres and threads of the rug. Remember to handle the Moroccan rugs with care. 

3. Tackle the stains

Things on the floor tend to get dirtier and are most prone to accidents. Even if they are your favourite Moroccan carpets. If you find a stain on your rug, then don’t stress! Stay calm and act fast to prevent it from setting in deep fibres. Take a clean cloth and blot the stain gently or use a paper towel to absorb the liquid. Do not rub the rug as it can worsen the stain or cause damage. Another way is to soak your rug in lukewarm water with a safe detergent and white vinegar ( only if you caught the stains immediately). If you are not able to do anything to remove the stain, then consult a professional rug cleaner and get it cleaned professionally.


     A white Moroccan rug in a soothing shade with delicate white fringes on the edges. The detailed pattern on the rug shows intricacy and design. This Moroccan style rug combines elegance and style together.


4. Get the rugs professionally cleaned

Getting your rugs cleaned professionally is important for their durability and maintenance. Professional cleaning helps in the deep removal of dirt and dust that is accumulated within the threads and fibres. It also helps in removing stains that normal washing and vacuuming cannot remove. The expert Moroccan rug cleaning process involves dusting, gentle washing and careful drying. Furthermore, the experts may add some protective treatments to protect your rug. Getting your rugs professionally cleaned twice a year can save them from daily wear and tear.

5. Rotate it for breathing space

Give your Moroccan rug some spotlight and rotate and rotate and rotate them. To ensure even wear of your rugs, rotate your rug regularly. Change its position every few months and give it a new space. By doing this you will distribute foot traffic and sunlight exposure on the rug. It will prevent premature wear and fading, making it long-lasting and durable. 

6. Sunbathing

Moroccan carpets breathe and thrive in sunlight. It adds warmth and enhances its colours more. However, you should not keep the rug in the sun for a very long time. Keep it out for short durations and be sure to protect it with UV blocking windows films during the sun’s peak hours. Keeping Moroccan rugs in the sun a day keeps them healthy all the way! 



An inviting and cozy black stripes on a white base Moroccan style rug. The plush and fluffy rug offers a luxurious texture and is very soft to the touch. This is a perfect addition to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.


7. Careful placement of Furniture

Moroccan rugs look absolutely lovely with furniture that compliments them. But they also need some space to breathe. Placing heavy furniture directly on your rug can cause indents and damage to your rug. They can damage the shape and colours as well. To avoid this, use furniture pads or coasters to distribute the weight evenly and protect your rug. You can also keep your rug in an open space where it’s the only star that’s shining. 

8. Brush Away the shedding and fibres

Moroccan carpets can become matted or tangled over time. They also shed a lot. Over time this causes them to lose the charm of their colour and pattern. But fear not! As an awesome remedy is right here. A soft-bristled brush or broom can work the best in reviving your Moroccan rugs. It can add life to it. Make sure you lightly brush in the direction of the rug’s fibres to restore its natural fluffiness. You will find it very satisfying and your rugs will have a new life.  

9. Odour cleaning

Any kind of rug can turn smelly or develop a foul odour over time. But we have got you covered in this scene as well. For this, you need lavender flowers. Spread dry lavender flowers on one half of your Moroccan carpet, then fold it and spread the flowers again, then roll it again and leave the rug undisturbed for a minimum of 1-2 days. After some days, give it a shake and vacuum it. Voila! The smell is gone. 

10. Another shake

Remember the shake we discussed earlier? Well, now it’s time for the encore shake and does some explicit care for Moroccan shag rug from time to time. Every few months, take your rug outside and give it another gentle shake. Do this in intervals of every 2-3 months. This will help loosen any trapped dust in the fibres and rejuvenate the rug's overall appearance. Make this a ritual to do in 1-2 months intervals and let your rug flutter its wings outside.


A beautiful white pattern moroccan inspired rug


11. No to the Dry Cleaners

The biggest mistake you can do with your Moroccan rug is dry cleaning. Dry cleaning is very harmful to rugs. It is done by chemicals that will not only ruin the rug’s material but also leave behind a stagnant smell that will not go away no matter how hard you try.

12. Opt for professional cleaning

For a long and healthy life for your Moroccan carpet, you should get a professional cleaning done every 2-4 years. If the rug’s left undisturbed then the professional cleaning can be done after a longer period of time. Choose an experienced cleaning company and be sure before you hand them your expensive rug.


Overall, taking care of a Moroccan rug requires a blend of regular maintenance and specific cleaning techniques. This preserves their longevity and colours as well. All the tips and secrets mentioned above can save you the extra fretting over Moroccan carpets. By doing these you can save your carpet and have it looking vibrant for years ahead. 

Establish a regular cleaning routine to achieve the desired results. This includes regular shaking, vacuuming, sunbathing and rotation of your Moroccan-style rug. This will remove dirt and dust from within the fibres and keep your rug alive and breathing. From spills to stains, even a drop can be a big issue on this expensive rug. Use the tips above to get rid of the stain as soon as possible. Or else you have to pay for the professional cleaning. 

By implementing all the care tips, you can maintain the natural lustre and colour of the Moroccan style rug. Keep in mind that each rug is different and unique. It is essential to consider any specific care instructions provided by the manufacturer. Make notes of the things you should never do to your rug. With proper Moroccan rug care, you will be able to add it as an exquisite and a beautiful addition to your home for years to come. Our Moroccan style rugs are made with the best material which makes them easy to take care of. 

FAQs related to Moroccan rug care

1. How do you take care of a Moroccan rug?

You have to follow some tips to take care of your Moroccan rug. Gentle shakes in the open, vacuum, rotation, washing in a safe wash and choosing professional cleaners are some of the best tips.

2. How do you keep a Moroccan rug clean?

You have to be gentle with these rugs. Keep them away from busy rooms. If there is a stain immediately try to remove it with a wet cloth or soak the rug in shampoo and white vinegar. And if it is still not clean then take it to professional cleaning. Keep it in the sun and give it gentle shakes to remove all the dust and debris from time to time.

3. How long do Moroccan rugs last?

An exquisite Moroccan rug will last a lifetime if properly taken care of. They are expensive but can last for generations.

4. Can you machine wash a Moroccan rug?

We recommend to wash your moroccan rugs at a professional carpet cleaning service. They are experts and know well how to delicately and properly handle the rugs during cleaning. 

Written by Shivangi Singh

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